Hello, I'm Jen. Photography has been a passionate of mine for me and has been for many years. As a small child I discovered a love for taking photographs with my parents 35mm camera, and I've been photographing ever since.

I graduated from Fanshawe College's Photography program in 2012. It was a fantastic program in which I was able to further develop and expand my skills. I had wonderful professors and established great friendships with my fellow students.

At heart, I'm a nature photographer. I've loved animals and nature in general my entire life, and I dream about one day being a photographer for National Geographic. A life of traveling the world with my camera in hand is

Besides photography I have also have many other hobbies which include gaming, sewing, graphic design, painting, videography, and photo editing. My goal is to try every art form at least once!

Thank you for your support and for viewing my website!

Jennifer Stuber
London, ON, Canada

If you would like to read an online copy of my resume, click here.