Computer Skills
Macintosh and PC platforms.
Working knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel.
Intermediate knowledge and experience in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe InDesign.
Typing Speed: 70 wpm

Social Media
Extensive knowledge of and experience with social networking websites including: Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Graphic Design
Broad range of skills in promotional material, publication, layout design, and printing. Excellence in photo retouching, photo manipulation, and video editing. 

Self-sufficient and self-disciplined. Comfortable in both individual assignments and in group settings. Eager to learn, work, and participate with others. Organized, resourceful, and attentive to the needs of others. 


I have been a freelance photographer for the past several years. I started in 2010 when I received a grant from the Summer Company Program of Ontario for young entrepreneurs. I received a monetary grant to start my business and 12-hours of professional business training and mentoring. As a freelance photographer I have worked with clients, sold fine art photographic prints online, utilized editing software, and am familiar with invoices and spreadsheets for revenue and expenses. I am able to create my schedule and stick to it in order to get things done.

Clients have included:

Edward Tooke, Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Apprenticeship Graduation, 2013

Responsible for photographing each student, photographing special awards, organizing group photos, and editing and printing the photos.

Gail Smith, Skills Canada - Ontario
Ontario Technological Skills Competition, Waterloo
First hired in 2010 by Skills Canada - Ontario after winning a gold medal in the Ontario Technological Skills Competition the year previous. Continued to work at the event for three additional years. Responsible for photographing the events in their entirety over three days including; competitors in action, finished projects, the atmosphere, sponsors, etc.


Customer Service and Community Management Assistant
Studio Wildcard, Dec 2015 – Current
My position involves: communicating with members of a large community, answering as many questions as possible from community members and assisting them with game-related issues, testing created content for bugs and bringing core technical issues to the attention of the development team, problem solving, communicating and collaborating closely with fellow team members. Other duties include: assisting with the creation of video promotion content, backend work on large scale competitive player tournaments, and assistance in social media presence.

Administration and Social Marketing Support
London Poverty Research Centre, May – Oct 2014
16 week contract position. Daily tasks included: organizing meetings, assisting with social media by tracking and cataloguing media coverage, sharing relevant information on the Facebook fan page, organizing and inputting data into spreadsheets for database usage, formatting documents, creation of promotional and educational material in the form of posters and slideshow presentations.

Gallery Assistant
London Fine Art Centre, Sept – June 2010
Worked in data entry, filing, printing and copying, designing brochures, opening and closing of the store location, responding to phone calls, providing info to customers who viewed work in store, cash handling and debit.


  • Nikon Print Award and four Distinguished Awards in the Fanshawe Print Competition, 2011 - 2012
  • RCC Technology Award, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School, 2010
  • Small business grant recipient, Ministry of Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, 2010
  • Top 20 Under 20 Competition Finalist (London ON), 2010
  • Gold Medal for First Place in Photography Competition (Ontario Technological Skills Competition, RIM Park, Waterloo), 2009


Fanshawe College, London ON
Photography Diploma, Class of 2012


7 years of experience with Nikon: hands-on with a wide range of Nikon cameras, flashes and lenses. Prior experience with Canon. Familiar with working in a studio environment; working experience with Photogenic and Speedotron lights. Professional expertise in many genres of still photography, and video.


Black Series
The Black series is a body of work that includes killer whales doing various jumping behaviours where the background is completely removed. Due to the splashing water in the photos, this is a difficult process to execute as the background cannot be removed by a simple clipping mask. It has to be done with careful attention to detail and selective burning of the image.

I uploaded the first image in this series to the internet in 2009. My most popular image of the series is called 'Black Bow' which garnered a large internet viewing (almost 60,000 views and over 5,300 favourites on deviantART.com) and was reposted and shared on countless other websites.

One of the images in the Black series, 'Wings To Fly', won the Nikon Print Award in my first year of college, an award not often achieved by first year students. In order to win this award my photograph had to be the highest scoring photograph taken with a Nikon camera out of all of the entries.

If you would like to download a copy of my resume, click here.